CBD for Social Anxiety

cbd for social anxiety

Feeling anxious before speaking in front of a crowd or before going into a job interview is a completely normal part of the human experience. In fact, these feelings of anxiety may even help us to perform better. But when this stress is apparent in someone’s everyday life, from talking to your friends to ordering […]

CBDistillery Brand Review

cbdistillery brand review

CBDistillery is a Colorado-based CBD company that focuses on delivering excellent quality for buying CBD at an affordable price. From the industrial hemp they grow to the extracting, manufacturing, and bottling process, everything happens locally in Colorado. Since the birth of the company in 2016, it’s been carving out a space for itself with its […]

Best CBD Topicals

best CBD topicals

As more and more people find out about the benefits of CBD, we’ve also seen a growing number of products arriving on the market. Today, taking CBD doesn’t only mean taking CBD oil anymore. People are eating CBD edibles, taking CBD baths, vaping CBD liquid and much more. The fact is, there are many ways […]

Best CBD Bundles

CBD certificate of analysis

Whether you’re someone who uses CBD a lot or someone who wants to try out different best CBD products online to see what you like, buy CBD bundles online is a great option. Our best CBD manufacturers will often give you a discounted price when you buy more than one of their products. This is […]

Where to put CBD cream for anxiety?

cbd cream for anxiety

When most people start to use CBD for anxiety, they gravitate toward CBD oil. Few people know about CBD cream, which is a shame because it can be one of the most effective products for anxiety. Not only does CBD cream kick in faster, it also makes CBD more bioavailable—meaning your body knows how to […]

CBD for Bipolar Disorder

CBD is a molecule that presents a lot of potential in the field of mental health. Already, we’re finding that it can help people dealing with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and PTSD. Because CBD appears to regulate mood, we’re now seeing more studies focusing on its use for bipolar disorder as well. But is CBD actually […]

CBD For Hair Loss: Does It Work?

Losing your hair can be very distressing, whether you expect it or not. If you’re a man with a family history of baldness, you probably know it’s coming for you. But if you’re a woman or if you’re still young, losing your hair can come as a surprise. In either case, it’s not something pleasant […]

Quitting smoking with CBD

best full spectrum cbd strain to smoke

Smoking has been a public health concern for decades now. Today, there are more people than ever trying to quit smoking to improve their health and quality of life. And they’re lucky enough to have lots of tools at their disposal, such as different forms of therapy, nicotine patches and vape alternatives. One of the […]

CBD Oil nutritional facts

cbd oil nutrition facts

Before CBD oil became popular, the natural health community was already enthusiastic about the wonderful benefits of hemp oil. High in healthy fats, antioxidants and magnesium, hemp oil is one of the healthiest plant oils out there. And the great thing about taking CBD oil is that you’ll be getting a lot of these benefits—along […]

The Best CBD Strain for pain and anxiety

Best CBD strain for pain and anxiety

Dozens of different studies have shown that CBD is a great molecule for relieving pain and anxiety. But when you’re looking for a CBD strain, it can be hard to choose which one you go for. After all, they all contain the same CBD molecule, so what really sets them apart? Cannabis strains are actually […]