How to use CBD to fight acne

how to use cbd to fight acne

When it comes to natural acne treatment, CBD is one of the best options around. This cannabis derivative has the ability to lower your sebum production, lower inflammation on your skin and fight bacteria to help you get rid of pimples. But using CBD to fight acne isn’t necessarily as simple as you think. There […]

Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD

Using a vape is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD. It’s fun and relatively inexpensive, and it gets CBD into your body fast. But with more and more evidence coming to the fore about the dangers of e-cigarettes, should you be worried about the effects of vaping CBD? Here’s what you need […]

CBD for Schizophrenia

cbd for schizophrenia

The history of research on cannabis and schizophrenia is a complicated one. Today, we understand that cannabinoids can have very powerful effects on the brain. We also know that cannabis contains many different compounds, all of which can affect our cognition differently. That’s why scientists believe that consuming the cannabinoid THC could be a risk […]

CBD and Athletic Performance

CBD and athletic performance

When we first started hearing about the benefits of CBD, it was mainly used to treat rare conditions like epileptic disorders. Today, we’re finding more and more uses of cannabidiol for physical and mental health conditions. We’ve also seen the development of CBD products for pets and children, and even for skincare. And that’s not […]

CBD for Motion Sickness

cbd for motion sickness

Motion sickness is an incredibly common condition affecting mainly women and younger children. Although it’s not necessarily a big issue in everyday life, it can make your life hard whenever you have to take a car, bus, train, plane, or boat. Fortunately, researchers are now finding that CBD, a natural hemp product, could reduce motion […]

CBD For Kids

cbd for kids

We’ve known about the benefits of medical cannabis for hundreds of years. However, it’s only recently that one of its key medicinal compounds, CBD, has been isolated and studied. We can trace back a surge of interest in the health benefits of that substance to a couple of cases in which CBD was able to […]

Can CBD Lower Blood Pressure?

Can cbd lower blood pressure

High blood pressure has been a real epidemic, taking the Western world by storm over the past decades. Today, around 32% of adults in the U.S suffer from it. When you know that this condition can be responsible for heart attacks, strokes or dementia, it is one of the greatest problems facing an aging population. […]

5 tips for giving CBD to your pets

pet releaf cbd oil reviews

One of the great things about CBD is that it works just as well on pets as it does on us. Because humans and animals have the same endocannabinoid system, we get the same kind of relief from CBD. For example, CBD can: Alleviate pain Lower inflammation Stop nausea Treat arthritis …in dogs, cats, horses, […]

Does CBD affect your heart rate?

Can cbd slow your heart rate

People with heart disease are sometimes wary about taking CBD because they have heard that cannabis can cause an abnormal heart rate. And while it is true that the THC in cannabis could negatively affect your heart rate, CBD is actually very beneficial for a healthy heart. So where does the confusion come from? And […]

CBD Vape Juice vs. CBD Cartridges

best cbd vape cartridges

The market for CBD products is booming. And as a result, we’ve been seeing a large increase in the types of products you can get: from the simple CBD oil or CBD gummy to the more technological CBD water or CBD workout clothes. But when it comes to choosing the right products, most consumers aren’t […]