5 tips for giving CBD to your pets

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One of the great things about CBD is that it works just as well on pets as it does on us. Because humans and animals have the same endocannabinoid system, we get the same kind of relief from CBD. For example, CBD can:

  • Alleviate pain
  • Lower inflammation
  • Stop nausea
  • Treat arthritis


…in dogs, cats, horses, and all other sorts of pets.

The only problem is that CBD is a lot easier to give to humans than it is to pets! If you’ve ever tried to force a pill down your cat’s throat or disguise medicine in your dog’s food, you know it can be a real struggle. 

In this article, we’re giving you five helpful tips on how to give CBD to pets so they can get all the benefits from CBD, without stressing them out. 

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You can give your pets some of your CBD oil

The first thing we want to mention is that you don’t necessarily have to purchase a CBD oil tincture made especially for pets. If you already use CBD at home, it’s probably safe to use on your animal. You just have to make sure that:

  • It’s a broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate, and guaranteed THC-free
  • It doesn’t contain any other ingredients other than CBD and the carrier oil


A lot of the time, CBD products marketed for pets contain the exact same oil as other kinds of CBD products. Don’t be fooled into buying another, more expensive product just because the packaging says it’s more “pet-friendly.”

That being said, you have to consider the potency of CBD oil as well. If one drop of a very strong oil gives you good results, it’s probably too much to give to your chihuahua! If you know that your CBD oil is too strong for your pet’s size, then it’s a good idea to buy a milder one just for them. 

The two things that affect the amount of CBD you should give to an animal are the animal’s weight and its specific conditions. For more exact guidelines, we encourage you to consult a veterinarian.

Try giving them CBD oil as is

When it comes to taking CBD, placing drops under the tongue is one of the best ways to get fast and effective relief. This is because we have something under the tongue called the sublingual gland, which can carry substances directly to our bloodstream. When you give your pets CBD under the tongue, it doesn’t have to go all the way through their digestive system, and they’ll get relief faster.

Hold your pet’s mouth open, give them a few drops of CBD under the tongue, and don’t forget to give them a treat immediately afterward! That’s the best way to get them to enjoy taking CBD.

That being said, we know it can be tricky! You may be able to try sublingual administration with a very cooperative dog, but a cat is unlikely to agree to it. So if you can’t get them to take CBD that way, don’t stress. These tips below will help you to give them CBD—even if they don’t like its taste!

Use the classic peanut butter trick

Dogs absolutely love peanut butter. You can make them eat just about anything if you cover it in peanut butter. So here’s our trick for dogs who don’t like CBD.

Before you give CBD to your dog, mix it with roughly a tablespoon of peanut butter. Make sure the oil is well incorporated, and then give it to them on a spoon.

You can apply that method to other foods they love. For example, you can place your CBD oil drops on their favorite treat or mix it in with their food.

With dogs, it’s fairly easy to mix CBD with food to make it more palatable. Again, you’ll have a more difficult time with cats.

The problem is that cats are very sensitive to smell and taste. If they can detect something slightly off in their food, they’ll just refuse to take it. When trying to disguise CBD oil in your cat’s food, we recommend mixing it with larger quantities of food so that the taste is more diluted. 

Shop online for CBD pet products

If all your attempts at disguising CBD oil in your pets’ food have failed, then you can always try specialist products. These days, it’s still fairly rare to find CBD pet products in stores. But you’ll find that a lot of CBD manufacturers carry CBD pet products you can purchase online. Those include things like dog treats, cat treats, and special chews.

All of these products are designed to be appealing to pets and do a very good job of disguising the smell and taste of CBD. 

If your pet doesn’t enjoy these products, you can try making them yourself. You’ll find plenty of recipes for homemade CBD dog or cat treats online, many of which are easy to make with ingredients you already have at home. 

Try topical products

Finally, there are other ways of taking CBD than through the mouth. CBD topicals can be just as effective, if not more effective than CBD edibles. They may also be easier to use on your pets.

Vets say that when a cat refuses to take medicine, applying a gel that contains the medicine on their skin can be a good alternative to get the substance into their system. So if your pet is refusing to eat anything that remotely smells or tastes like CBD, this could be a good option.

CBD topicals are also a great way to treat conditions like arthritis or muscular pain. If this is the reason you’re giving CBD to your pets, a CBD-based cream or gel may be more appropriate than an edible.

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We know giving CBD to pets can be a struggle. But with patience, determination, and these tricks up your sleeve, we’re sure you’ll get there! Just remember, there are always a few different ways you can get them to take a new substance, so don’t stop after the first attempt. 

Can I legally buy CBD?

CBD is legal on a federal level in the United States, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. However, it is still prohibited by certain state laws and doesn’t have FDA approval. 

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