CBD For Dogs

How CBD Helps Man’s Best Friend

Having a dog that’s sick or suffering from a long-term condition can be heartbreaking. Many of the conditions that affect humans, such as nausea, arthritis and appetite loss, can also affect our animal friends. So if you’ve already tried CBD for yourself, you’ve no doubt thought about giving it to your dog. But is CBD safe for a dog? And what can it help with?

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In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about CBD for dogs: what it is, what it does and how to use it, as well as side effects and recommended products. 

What is CBD?

CBD is cannabidiol extracted from the cannabis plant, which has many health benefits. Its main active ingredient is cannabidiol, often shortened as CBD. It’s a molecular compound classified as a “cannabinoid.” 

Cannabinoids are substances that affect our bodies through their impact on the cannabinoid system. In particular, scientists have found that CBD could:


CBD is sometimes confused with THC, another cannabinoid found in cannabis. Although they have a similar molecular structure, their effects are very different. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis; it’s the molecule that gets you high when you smoke marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive. It doesn’t create changes in perception and consciousness, but it can have powerful effects on your body and mind. 

CBD is legal on a federal level in the United States, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. However, it is still prohibited by certain state laws and doesn’t have FDA approval. We encourage you to consult a veterinarian before you give CBD to your pet. 

Does CBD work the same on dogs?

What’s very interesting about CBD is that is can have similar effects on dogs as it has on humans. In fact, any mammal can gain the same benefits from CBD that we do. To understand why, you need to know a little bit more about the endocannabinoid system.

Every mammal has a network of receptors through their bodies all connected to one biological system: the endocannabinoid system. This system regulates things like pain, inflammation, mood and appetite. 

When you introduce cannabinoids into your body (for example, by ingesting CBD oil), those cannabinoids bind to receptors and give a boost to your endocannabinoid system. As a result, you may find that you experience less pain, anxiety and inflammation. Your mood may also get better, and you might find it easier to fall asleep. 

When a dog ingests CBD, the same endocannabinoid receptors are activated. And as a result, they get to benefit from a lot of the same properties of CBD oil as we do.

what cbd is best for dogs

Which conditions can be treated?

CBD works the same for dogs as it does for humans. This means that it can be used to treat hundreds of different conditions! Here are just a few of them.


Many of the studies that we have on CBD and arthritis pain have been conducted on mice. However, scientists consider them relevant to human arthritis because both mice and men have the same endocannabinoid system, which regulates inflammatory pain. This also means that dogs can benefit from CBD oil when they have arthritis. 

To use CBD for dogs with arthritis, you have two options: you can either give CBD oil to your dog in oral form, or give your dog a massage with topical CBD products. Both products have a good chance of providing relief to your pet. 


One of the best uses of CBD in humans is to treat epilepsy. This substance has an excellent track record in lowering the frequency of seizures, even in people with difficult-to-treat epileptic disorders. And recent research suggests it could help your dog too. In 2019, scientists at Colorado State University observed the effects of CBD on dogs with epilepsy. The study found that dogs who had taken CBD oil experienced much rarer seizures, compared to those in the placebo control group. 

If your dog has epilepsy, you should consult with a vet first, as it may be a very dangerous condition for them. But don’t hesitate to try out CBD as a complementary treatment; studies are already starting to show its usefulness in alleviating seizures. 


Many pet owners also find that CBD for dogs can help to reduce anxiety in stressful situations. Giving a dog a CBD treat could make them calmer before a visit to the vet, or before an operation.

Studies conducted on humans already show just how powerful the effects of CBD for anxiety can be. For example, this 2019 study found that participants who took CBD had much lower stress levels during a public speaking test, compared to the placebo control group.  

cbd for pets

So if you’re looking for a natural way to calm your dog down during stressful situations, CBD could help.

Sleep disorders

In part because of its role in treating anxiety, CBD can also relieve sleeping disorders like insomnia or nightmares. This 2016 study of pet owners’ relationship to CBD found that many people successfully use CBD to help their dogs go to sleep. 


Medical cannabis has been known as a powerful anti-nausea remedy for hundreds of years. Today, we are starting to understand that part of this is due to cannabidiol. For example, this 2011 study noted that nausea and vomiting are two functions controlled by the endocannabinoid system. And as a result, cannabinoids like CBD can help to relieve these symptoms.

When a dog is sick and won’t eat without vomiting, it may be worth trying out CBD. This natural remedy reduces vomiting and nausea, according to many dog owners

What is the best product?

As we learn about the benefits of CBD for dogs, more and more brands are starting to come up with products that are meant specifically for pets.

These products are tested to have very minimal levels of THC, which is harmful to dogs. Sometimes, they are even designed to be fun. For example, you can find CBD dog treats, CBD chews and even CBD-infused peanut butter.

But really, it doesn’t matter what product you choose as long as the CBD is of good quality. And if you have CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD oil with minimal THC content at home, you can give it to your dog. CBD companies sometimes overcharge for “pet products” that have the same ingredients as their regular range.

CBD for puppies

Does CBD for dogs have any side effects?

People are sometimes worried about giving CBD to their dogs because they confuse it with marijuana. And it’s true that THC (the psychoactive component in cannabis) is not recommended for dogs. But nowadays, it’s very easy to find CBD products that only contain traces of THC. This should be specified on the bottle, and you can also check the manufacturer’s Certificate of Authenticity for proof. 

Aside from this warning, there aren’t any serious side effects to using CBD for dogs. However, it could trigger some minor side effects, such as an increase in appetite or sluggishness. As ever with CBD oil, it’s better to start off slow and increase doses slowly so that you can see how well your dog is tolerating the product.


CBD for dogs may seem like the newest trend, but it’s actually a product with well-studied benefits. Dogs have the same endocannabinoid system as humans, which makes them react to CBD in a similar way. As a result, they can also benefit from many of the properties of CBD, including reduced pain, stress and nausea. So if your dog is sick or suffering from one of these conditions, it’s well worth giving it a try. CBD is safe, natural, and could do a lot of good to your furry friend. 


Studies on CBD for dogs 

2016 report on the use of hemp products by pet owners (including effects and side effects)

2019 study on the effects of CBD for dogs with epilepsy

CBD for arthritis 

2016 study on the effects of CBD on rat arthritis

CBD for anxiety

2019 study on the effects of CBD for stress reduction

CBD for sleep disorders

2019 study on CBD for anxiety and sleep

CBD for nausea 

2011 study on the effects of CBD on nausea and vomiting

CBDfx CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats


  • CBD potency: 250mg broad spectrum hemp extract
  • Size: 1oz
  • Flavor: Bacon
  • Price: $29.99
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $0.12/mg

This CBD oil for pets provides a low dose of CBD for smaller dogs and cats

One of our best picks for anyone looking to give CBD to their pets is this CBDfx tincture. CBDfx is an American brand that is highly reputed in the world of CBD. They make products that are organic, made with U.S-grown hemp, and third-party tested. As well as having an extensive line of CBD products for humans, they now have a range of products for pets. 

This particular tincture is made with small pets in mind. Its ingredient list is very simple: just CBD extract and coconut oil. These are two natural and organic ingredients that are easily tolerated by pets. With 150 mg of CBD in a 30-mL bottle, it’s a light potency that’s perfect even for cats or smaller breeds of dogs.

What we really like about this product is how pure the hemp extract is. Not only is it completely organic and GMO free, it’s also CO2-extracted to preserve more of its natural properties. And as with all CBDfx products, you can easily check exactly what it contains by reading the certificate of analysis that can be found on their website or by scanning the product’s QR code.

  • Perfect potency for cats and small dogs
  • Broad-spectrum CBD extract
  • Contains curcumin
  • Lab-tested
  • Bacon-flavored
  • Only one flavor available
  • Not as affordable as human CBD oil
Use Code for 20% Off: SALETCM​
Joy Organics Premium CBD Pet Tincture


  • CBD potency: 450mg
  • Type: CBD broad spectrum
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Price: $53.95
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $0.12/mg

This Joy Organics CBD oil for pets is a high-quality product that uses 100% natural ingredients.

Joy Organics is another big name in the world of CBD. They are known for making high-quality organic and THC-free products using only natural ingredients. This particular tincture is made with organic olive oil and third-party tested CBD extract.

With 3 mg of CBD per serving, this is a very light potency product that’s easy to dose even for smaller breeds of cats and dogs. However, you might want to consider going for a stronger product if you have a larger animal.

In terms of quality, Joy Organics guarantees a product that is 100% THC-free. This is certainly something important to consider as a pet owner, as THC can have a lot more negative effects on our pets than it does on us. Overall, it’s a great high-quality product that will satisfy most brands of cats and dogs.

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Very simple formulation
  • Guaranted THC-free
  • Light potency is perfect for puppies
  • High price per milligram of CBD
Use Code for 15% Off: SALETCM​
Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum Hemp Extract for Adult Dogs
  • CBD potency: 17mg CBD Full Spectrum
  • Size: 30ml 
  • Flavor: Chicken Oil or Unflavored
  • Price: $59.99
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $3.5/mg

If you want to give CBD to a larger pet, this Charlotte’s Web oil may be right for you. It’s made with a full spectrum hemp extract that contains many cannabinoids and terpenes. This can help your dog fight pain, inflammation, or anxiety more effectively, as all of these cannabis molecules strengthen CBD’s effects. 

There is also the option to buy this oil in a chicken-flavored version, which will make it a lot easier for your dog to take the oil (particularly if they are a fussy eater!). The oil comes in a graduated dropper, making it easy to see exactly how much you’re giving to your dog. With 17 mg of cannabinoids per milliliter, it’s a slightly stronger tincture than others on our list. So be careful not to use too much at first, as your pet may need to get used to CBD oil first.

Organic, GMO free, and third-party tested, this is a very high-quality CBD oil. If you’re looking for a product that you can buy in large amounts (a 100-mL version is available) and for a reasonable price, it’s one we highly recommend.

  • Full Spectrum CBD extract
  • Made with Charlotte’s Web human hemp extract
  • Comes in 2 flavors
  • Naturally occurring CBD
  • May be too strong for cats and smaller dogs
  • High price per milligram of CBD
Use Code for 15% Off: SALETCM​
Petly CBD Pet Treats Natural Beef Flavor 2mg Broad Spectrum
  • CBD potency: 2mg/chew Broad Spectrum
  • Other active ingredients: 
  • Flavor: Beef and Bacon
  • Price: $39.99
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $0.8/mg

These pet CBD treats are a great option for people giving CBD to their pets for the first time. The fact is, a lot of them don’t enjoy the taste of pet CBD tincture. And before you learn how to make them take it or how to disguise it in food, CBD pet treats are a much better option. They’re also made with CBD pet oil, but contain other ingredients that disguise the taste of CBD. In this case, they’re made with beef liver powder and natural bacon flavor.

With 2mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract per chew, these treats are a great option for smaller dogs. 2mg is a small enough dose that it won’t make smaller animals lethargic. That being said, it’s still high enough to bring consistent pain or anxiety relief. If your dog is over 50 lbs though, do keep in mind you might have to give them more than one treat for more serious symptoms. 

  • Suitable for small dogs
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Veterinarian-reviewed
  • Grain-free
  • Soy-free
  • Corn-free
  • Tasty beef and bacon flavor
  • Broad spectrum CBD extract
  • May be too light for larger dogs
  • Come in a plastic container
Use Code for 15% Off: SALETCM
Petly CBD Pet CBD Tincture for Large Dogs 500mg Broad Spectrum
  • CBD potency: 500mg Broad Spectrum
  • Other active ingredients: 
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Price: $89.99
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $0.18/mg

The problem with a lot of pet CBD tincture is that it tends to be too weak for large dogs. Granted, dogs usually need much lesser doses of CBD compared to people. But dogs over 50 lbs actually need quite a lot of CBD to feel its effects. With 500mg of CBD per bottle, this CBD pet tincture is a great option for anyone with a larger dog.

In terms of ingredients, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. This pet CBD oil only contains broad-spectrum CBD extract and MCT coconut oil. Both of these ingredients are perfectly pet-safe, and Petly also work with veterinarians to guarantee the quality of their products. So if you’re looking for a very high-quality pet CBD tincture for a larger dog, this is your best bet. 

  • Broad Spectrum CBD extract
  • Suitable even for very large dogs
  • Simple list of ingredients
  • Opaque container with dropper
  • Relatively high price per milligram of CBD
  • Unflavored
Use Code for 15% Off: SALETCM
MedTerraCBD CBD Pet Treats for Joint Support 10mg
  • CBD potency: 10mg/chew isolate
  • Taste: Peanut Butter
  • Price: $34.99
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $0.11/mg
  • Certificate of Analysis: Yes

With a medium to high-potency of CBD and a delicious peanut butter flavor, these MedTerraCBD pet treats will put a smile on your dog’s face. As well as being rich in CBD extract, they contain other helpful ingredients that support joint health, including glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin. 

The other ingredients in this product are fairly simple: chickpea flour, potato flour, tapioca starch, safflower oil…And the CBD extract that it contains is grown and extracted in the USA. According to MedTerraCBD, these treats are suitable for cats and dogs alike. But with cats and smaller breeds of dogs, we recommend halving the treats, as the potency may actually be too high. 

  • Tasty peanut butter flavor
  • Full of joint health-promoting ingredients
  • Made with U.S-grown hemp
  • Great potency for pets with chronic conditions
  • May be too strong for smaller breeds
Use Code for % Off: SALETCM
CBDfx CBD Pet Treats for Joint & Mobility
  • CBD potency: 15mg/treat broad spectrum
  • Taste: Sweet Potato
  • Price: $29.99
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $0.06/mg
  • Certificate of Analysis: Yes

If you’re looking for CBD pet treats that contain a ton of superfoods, these CBDfx chews are perfect for you. They contain a range of antioxidants, including blueberries, spinach, and parsley. They’re also enriched with anti-inflammatory turmeric, vitamin C, and several mushroom powders including reishi, shitake, meitake, and lions mane mushrooms.

As well as containing all of these superfoods, these treats are made with a very high-quality broad spectrum CBD extract which is organic and third-party tested. With 15mg of CBD per treat, this is definitely a high-potency pet CBD product that’s better suited for large breeds. However, high-potency is also very valuable for pets who suffer from chronic joint and mobility issues, which is what these treats are all about.

  • Broad spectrum CBD extract
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Contains turmeric
  • Great potency for pets with joint and mobility conditions
  • Great price per milligram of CBD
  • May be too strong for smaller breeds
Use Code for 20% Off: SALETCM
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