Our Criteria

Want to know more about why we recommend certain products? At The CBD Magazine, we only recommend products that we believe are based on objective criteria. We’ve done our research on CBD quality, and we know what to look for in a product. Here are the things that we take into consideration before we recommend a given item:

Is it third party tested CBD?

Every manufacturer will assure you that their product is the very best. But to find out how good a product really is, you have to look at objective and unbiased data. 

Third party tested cbd documents are reliable proof of what a product contains, and doesn’t contain. It tells you more about the exact quantity of CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes you’ll find in a product. It also lets you know whether it has any traces of solvents, pesticides or heavy metals. 

Before we recommend a product, we always make sure that it comes with third-party testing documents. And of course, we want these documents to show us the CBD is pure and has the potency advertised.

What type of extraction does it use?

The way that CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant can have an impact on its purity, its taste, and even its safety. We favor products that use CBD CO2 extraction and other types of solvent-free extractions. 

With CBD CO2 extraction, no harmful solvents are used to obtain CBD. Although this method of extraction is more expensive, it results in the best-quality CBD. This is why you won’t find us recommending products that use solvents to extract CBD.

What potency does it have?

CBD products come in different strengths, depending on the milligrams of CBD they contain. In general, CBD oil tinctures will tell you the number of milligrams per milliliter. CBD edibles may express it in terms of milligrams per capsule, or milligrams per gummy. In choosing CBD topical creams, you’ll probably find something like milligrams per teaspoon or tablespoon. 

We take the potency of a product into consideration because it gives us an indication of its value for money. If a CBD product is more potent and cheaper, we’ll recommend it over another one that contains less CBD—all other factors being the same.

Is it organic?

At The CBD Magazine, we believe that “organic” isn’t just a marketing word. We know that any pesticide or synthetic fertilizer used to grow hemp finds its way back into CBD products. 

So organic CBD isn’t just better for the environment, it also preserves your health by containing no harmful chemicals. This is why we always look for products that carry the organic label, and all necessary certificates.

What other ingredients does it contain?

Whether you’re buying edibles or a CBD cream, CBD extract won’t be the only ingredient. We believe it’s important to check for the quality of the other ingredients too. That’s why we favor products that are 100% organic and don’t just contain organic CBD. The other ingredients in the product should also be from natural sources and GMO-free. You’ll also see us highly recommend products that contain essential oils as these have terpenes that can complement and reinforce the effects of CBD thanks to the entourage effect.

Does it contain harmful substances?

Here at The CBD Magazine, you’ll never find us recommending potentially harmful CBD vapes or edibles that contain additives. We believe that CBD should be used for medicinal purposes, to improve your quality of life, and do your body good. 

So when choosing CBD products to recommend, we look at two things:

  • The quality of the CBD that companies use
  • The quality of the ingredients that they add to make the final product

Is the product pleasant to use?

This is a more subjective criterion, but we believe it’s also something to take into consideration. How does the product taste? If it’s a topical product, how does it smell? How does it feel to apply it to your skin? We recommend products that we found were very pleasant to use in terms of taste, texture, scent, etc.

How good is the company?

We don’t just want to recommend great products. We want you to have a good experience when shopping for them. This is why we also pay attention to the profile of the manufacturer:

  • Do they deliver on time?
  • Do they offer free shipping?
  • Do they have a good customer service team?
  • Are they clear in their communications?

Customer experience is an important criterion, so you won’t find us recommending products from companies that are unpleasant to deal with.

Final Words

Choosing good CBD products to recommend is a difficult job. From the quality of the CBD to certificates, ingredients and customer experience, we try to look at all the different aspects that make a product useful for those with health conditions. If you have any more questions about why we chose to recommend a given product, feel free to send us a message and we’ll gladly explain our process.



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