Our Process

We know it can be hard to find the information you really need when learning about CBD. Between sites that don’t cite any sources, those that exaggerate claims, and those that use heavy medical jargon, it’s easy to feel lost. 

We want to change that by bringing you content that is transparent, easy to understand and based on reliable, evidence-based facts.

Our articles will bring you the information you need to make informed decisions about CBD, all in one place.

About Our Content

You’ll find a few different types of articles on our website: health articles, news and blog articles, and reviews.

Our health articles will bring you the information you need about the use of CBD to treat different conditions. All of them are based on solid evidence, sourced from established scientific journals. 

Our other CBD articles will bring you the most up-to-date information on CBD, answering any questions you may have about cannabidiol. They include guides, how-to articles and useful tips for all sorts of CBD users. 

Our magazine will also compile news articles sourced from around the web. These articles are not written and edited by us, but are carefully selected by our editorial team for their relevance, quality and accuracy. 

Our reviews are the way we recommend products we believe in. They are written based on objective measures that we consider important as well as on our extensive knowledge of CBD products. 

We’re completely transparent about what influenced our decision in every review we write, and we make our criteria accessible here (link to criteria).

Our Writing Process

Most of our articles start with questions that internet users have about CBD. How is it different from THC? Is it helpful for treating IBD? How long will it keep in my pantry? Sometimes, we also base our articles on new data we’ve come across, a scientific journal we have read, or a news article that piqued our curiosity. 

Once we’ve picked a topic for our articles, our writers gather and analyze all the scientific data they can find, using the world’s biggest open-access databases. 

We structure the article to answer any potential question you may have, provide the most relevant information on the topic and help you reach your own conclusions.

Finally, our editors and reviewers go over the articles, making sure they are fully accurate, use relevant sources and are accessible to a non-specialist audience.

Our Team

Our articles are written by a team of writers who specialize in health and alternative medicine. We choose qualified writers who maintain our high-quality standards by looking for sources in the most reliable and relevant journals and writing in a straight-forward manner. 

Trusted Sources

We find our sources online in open-access scientific databases. Our belief is that by basing our studies on open-access sources, you will be able to read the scientific findings for yourself and verify any claim that we make. 

We always give priority to the latest and most relevant studies, to experiments conducted on humans rather than animals, and to studies that look at CBD specifically rather than the whole cannabis plant. 

But when cannabis is more effective than pure CBD to treat certain conditions, we will also make this clear.

Our Beliefs

We make sure all the content we publish on The CBD Magazine matches our core values of accuracy, transparency, honesty and accessibility.


Every article we publish is based on solid evidence, published in reliable scientific journals, and has been thoroughly fact-checked by our editorial team that goes over the sources, making sure they are reliable and contain relevant information.

We also encourage our readers to let us know of any issue that affects the accuracy of our content.


We couldn’t claim to be accurate if we weren’t also fully transparent. We will link to every source we’ve used to write an article in the bibliography. We will also make it clear how we choose the products we review and promote in our criteria (link to criteria).

This lets you fact-check all of our claims and make informed decisions.


Sometimes, CBD isn’t what you need. Sometimes, CBD won’t make much of a difference to your condition. Sometimes, CBD might even be harmful to you. We won’t hesitate to tell you that. 

Our goal is to give you reliable information on how CBD can improve your life. We are not pushing a product. 

That being said, we do make money through affiliate marketing. But we only recommend products we 100% believe in, and only recommend them when they are truly beneficial.


We believe that everyone can understand how CBD works, and the benefits it can have. We’re careful to use simple language in our articles and to explain any difficult medical terms.

After all, you shouldn’t need to be a medical expert to access health-related information!

Our magazine is built around the principle of universal design, and we are constantly working to make it more accessible to a larger audience.

Your Feedback Is Very Important To Us

Do you have any questions about our writing process? Any suggestions on how to improve our website? We’d love to have your feedback so we can keep making our magazine better! You can do that by sending us an email through info@thecbdmagazine.com



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