CBD Products : The Ultimate Guide

CBD Products

The use of CBD oil has skyrocketed over the past couple of years. With that, the range of available products has continued to  increase. While CBD oil in a dropper was the norm five years ago, you can now find CBD oil cookies, capsules, vaping oils, and even topical creams or pet products. We’ve put […]

CBD for Pain

CBD For pain

Pain is one of the most common symptoms of illness, and one of the hardest ones to manage. When a patient is experiencing painful symptoms, a doctor’s first reaction is usually to prescribe painkillers. After all, being in pain is one of the most incapacitating and debilitating feelings there is. Unfortunately, many painkillers aren’t recommended […]

Three Ways CBD Can Help Fight Work Stress

CBD For Stress

If you’re feeling stressed and anxious on a daily basis, work is likely the culprit. From tight deadlines to strained relationships with your colleagues, your workplace can easily turn into the stuff of nightmares. Some jobs are naturally more stressful than others, but switching to a more relaxed profession isn’t always an option. That’s why […]

5 Benefits of CBD for Women’s Health

5 Benefits of CBD for women’s health

Today, CBD is more popular than ever among people interested in natural health or in improving their overall wellbeing. Its health benefits are too many to name, ranging from helping with pain to helping with complex mental disorders or even helping pets. Today, we’re taking a deeper look at what makes CBD so beneficial for […]



Cannabis contains over 100 compounds called “cannabinoids.” Those are the main chemicals responsible for its medicinal benefits. Chief among them are THC and CBD, the two cannabinoids that have been the most extensively researched.  Although they have a very similar molecular structure, the effects of CBD and THC on the body are totally different. While […]

Can You Fail A Drug Test Due To CBD?

can you fail druge test due to

CBD oil is a great product for people who want the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis, with none of the high. However, many people are also concerned about whether CBD may show up on drug tests. Could it be confused for marijuana? And can you fail a drug test due to CBD? Although it’s important […]

CBD and Bioavailability

CBD and Bioavailability

You may have seen the word “bioavailability” on vitamin or supplement boxes. In the world of natural health, it’s a crucial concept. Essentially, the bioavailability rate of a substance indicates how well it can be absorbed into the body. When it comes to choosing a CBD product, looking at bioavailability can be as important as […]

CBD for Sleeping

cbd for sleep

Not being able to fall asleep can quickly turn your whole life into a nightmare. After a few nights of difficult or irregular sleep, you’ll start to feel weak, demoralized, possibly anxious and irritable. Unfortunately, sleep disorders are still very poorly understood by modern medicine. While sleeping pills and other forms of therapy work for […]

CBD for Obesity

What is obesity

Obesity is at an all-time high today. In fact, many Western countries consider it a kind of epidemic, spreading rapidly and causing painful, dangerous symptoms. Obese people are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other serious conditions. They’re also more likely to suffer from poor body image, anxiety and depression. […]

CBD For Weight Loss

CBD For Weight Loss

THC, the psychoactive molecule in cannabis, is well known for triggering appetite. It’s even been used to treat people with eating disorders like anorexia, and to help with appetite loss following cancer treatment. But did you know that its cousin molecule, CBD, could actually have the opposite effect? Recent research shows that CBD could have […]