Endoca Brand Review

Why Endoca Is One Of Our Most Trusted CBD Brands

If you haven’t heard of Endoca before, then we’re happy to introduce you to one of the most trusted CBD brands out there. With a small selection of simple and high-quality products, Endoca are mainly known for their organic, high-potency CBD oil. They’re also one of the most popular CBD brands when it comes to topical CBD products, making great creams and balms to relieve pain. Keep on reading if you want to find out more about Endoca CBD quality standards, delivery options, Endoca reviews and all the pros and cons of buying from this brand. 

Endoca CBD Quality Standards: Why Endoca CBD is one of our trusted brands

Founded in Europe, Endoca is a CBD oil brand that bases their offering around simple yet very high-quality products. They don’t invest their money into fancy packaging or advertising. Instead, they focus on quality and on getting some of the most important certifications out there. Most if not all Endoca CBD products are:

       Endoca CBD Quality Standards: 

                   Certified Organic

                   Thirdy-party tested




     Packaged in Recyclable containers


What does GMP-Certified really mean?

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. A brand that is GMP-certified tests batches of products at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure better quality and accountability. 

This is the main reason why we consider them one of the most trusted CBD brands out there. There’s also the fact that Endoca was founded by a scientist. To this day, the brand has a few scientists in its ranks, which is how they’re able to create technologically-advanced products—such as CBDa-rich “raw” hemp oil

Endoca CBD — Transparency First

Endoca is one of the most popular CBD brands on our website because we appreciate how transparent they are. All of their products are third-party tested in batches to make sure that they fit their stringent quality standards. And because that information should be accessible to all of their customers and prospective customers, they make it easy to check each certificate of analysis. You can head to this page to find each certificate of analysis in an easy-to-understand PDF format.

            5 things to check on a certificate of analysis (COA)

Is the CBD potency as strong as it should be?

What other cannabinoids does my product contain?

What terpenes does my product contain? 

Are there any pesticides in the product I’m buying?

Are there any traces of heavy metal in the product?

Delivery and Packaging –  Endoca Reviews

So what can you expect from shopping with Endoca? Although the brand is based in Europe, they actually deliver worldwide. So regardless of where you are, you’ll be able to get Endoca CBD oil delivered to you. As you’d expect, the packaging that they use is very eco-friendly. When we ordered Endoca products ourselves, they arrived in a cardboard box, wrapped in recycled paper, and without any plastic. 

When checking out on Endoca’s website, you’ll be able to select how you want your package delivered. As well as offering several delivery options, Endoca CBD also allows you to choose what should show up on the front of the package. in other words, if you don’t want your neighbors or household members to know you’re ordering CBD, there is the option of choosing a completely discrete package. 

If you’d like to read some more in-depth Endoca CBD oil reviews, scroll down to the end of this article where we present to you our favorite Endoca CBD products and why we like them. 

Endoca CBD Oil Review: The Pros & Cons of shopping from Endoca 

If you’re looking for a simple way to tell whether Endoca CBD may be a good fit for you, here are the main pros and cons of buying from them:

  • Organic certified
  • High-quality CBD extract
  • Everything is third-party tested
  • Most products offer excellent value for money (especially their topical ones)
  • Simple and 100% natural ingredients
  • Sustainable values and packaging
  • Free Delivery when you spend over: $74
  • Most of their products are high-potency (i.e not necessarily for beginners)

Endoca reviews: All our favorite Endoca products

Don’t know where to start with Endoca CBD? Want to find an accurate Endoca CBD oil review? A review for Endoca CBD cream? Here are reviews for just a few of our favorite Endoca products:

Endoca CBD Oil Capsules 50mg Raw Hemp Oil Full Spectrum


  • CBD potency: 50mg Full Spectrum
  • Other active ingredients: Vitamin E, Omega 3, Omega 6
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Price: $129
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $0.08/mg

If you’re looking for CBD capsules for pain or inflammation, these are one of our favorite products. What’s impressive about them is that there is 50mg of CBD in each capsule—which is twice as much as the average CBD capsule! This makes these softgels a very strong product that can be useful for people with severe pain, chronic inflammatory condition, or even heavy mental health symptoms like generalized anxiety or depression

In terms of ingredients, this is a very simple product. The capsules are made with a vegan casing and contain high-potency CBD oil that’s also enriched with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The CBD extract in the oil is full spectrum and full of cannabinoids and terpenes. In particular, it contains a phytocannabinoid called CBDa which has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. Considering its affordable price per milligram of CBD, we think it makes a perfect investment for those who need a heavier dose.

  • Raw CBD oil
  • Rich in CBDa
  • Very high potency
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Great price per milligram of CBD
  • Relatively large-sized capsules
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Endoca CBD Oil Review:
Raw CBD and CBDa Hemp Oil 1,500mg Full Spectrum


  • CBD potency: 1,500mg Full Spectrum
  • Other ingredients: Raw hemp oil
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Price: $129 
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $0.08/mg

This Endoca CBD oil is one of the purest on the market. Endoca only use minimal processing when making this product, which results in a “raw” Endoca CBD oil. The fact that it is raw also mean that the hemp extract contains a lot more cannabinoids and terpenes, making its effects more well-rounded. As well as being high in terpenes like limonene and pinene, this CBD oil boasts high levels of CBDa, a cannabinoid that’s well known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

If you’re expecting fancy flavors or unusual ingredients, this Endoca CBD oil isn’t for you. It only contains CBD extract diluted in organic hemp oil—nothing added! This simple ingredient list makes it a good option for anyone with sensitivities and for those who like to know exactly what goes into the products of a CBD oil brand. Not to mention, the simplicity of the ingredients also helps to keep the price per milligram of CBD very reasonable.

  • Minimally processed product
  • Rich in CBDa
  • High potency
  • Added vitamin E and omega fatty acids
  • Endoca rarely have offers or discounts on their products
  • Strong hemp flavor
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Endoca CBD Oil Review:
Mint & Chocolate Hemp Oil 1,500mg Full Spectrum


  • CBD potency: 1,500mg Full Spectrum
  • Other ingredients: Organic hemp oil, organic apricot oil, organic mint and chocolate flavoring
  • Flavor: Mint chocolate
  • Price: $69
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $0.04/mg

We’ve decided to include this product in our Endoca CBD oil review because it’s very pure, potent, and actually tastes very nice too. It’s made with full spectrum hemp extract, apricot oil, hempseed oil, and natural flavorings; All of these ingredients give it a gentle yet refreshing mint and chocolate taste which we definitely appreciate.

In terms of potency, this is a strong product that’s ideal for people with pain conditions or strong anxiety. It contains 5mg of CBD per drop, or a total of 1,500mg in the whole bottle. And like all Endoca products, it’s organic, third-party tested, and GMO-free too. Considering all of this, it’s $0.04/mg price point is actually one of the best we’ve seen. So if you’re looking for an affordable, high-potency CBD oil with a nice flavor, this is the one we recommend.

  • Full spectrum hemp extract
  • Rich in CBDa
  • Great taste
  • Great price per milligram of CBD
  • Rarely on offer
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Endoca CBD Oil for Face and Body 300mg Broad Spectrum


  • CBD potency: 300mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Extract
  • Scent: Bergamot
  • Price: $58
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $0.2/mg

One thing that Endoca CBD is good at is making topical products. They understand that when you apply CBD to your skin, the results can be just as good as when you take CBD orally. In the case of this Endoca CBD oil for face and body, you can expect more cosmetic benefits. It’s made with apricot oil which hydrates and revitalizes the skin, as well as moisturizing vitamin E and invigorating bergamot essential oil. 

Because there is only 300mg of CBD in this whole product, it’s not necessarily one we recommend if you suffer from strong pain or irritation. But if you’re looking for a very pure and natural CBD-enriched skincare product, it’s one of our favorites. Not only are the ingredients simple, but they’re actually ideal for people with dry or aging skin. And like all Endoca products, it’s also organic, vegan, and sustainable.

  • Broad spectrum CBD extract
  • Great for skin texture and discoloration
  • Natural ingredients
  • Pleasant bergamot scent
  • Relatively high price per milligram of CBD
  • Endoca rarely offer discounts on their products
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Endoca Reviews:
Whipped Body Butter 1500mg Broad Spectrum


  • CBD potency: 1,500mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Extract
  • Scent: Vanilla and cocoa butter
  • Price: $82
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $0.06/mg

This Endoca whipped body butter is a very strong product with a wonderful consistency. It’s made with whipped shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax which form a very moisturizing yet lightweight butter. Of course, the main benefit of this product is not hydration. It contains a total of 1,500mg of CBD, which makes it a very strong topical product. For that reason, it’s suitable for people with pain conditions, inflammation, arthritis, neuropathic pain, endometriosis, eczema, psoriasis, and the list goes on.

Like all Endoca products, this whipped body butter is organic, GMO-free, and crulety-free. But unlike the vast majority of CBD topicals, it’s also “food-safe” certified. This means that the ingredients are so pure you could technically eat this body butter! While we don’t recommend doing that, it’s certainly a great high-potency product for anyone who needs a higher dose of topical CBD.

  • Great texture
  • High potency
  • Moisturizing effects thanks to the natural oils and butters
  • 100% natural ingredients


  • Large container, not portable
  • Not for you if you don’t appreciate sweet vanilla smells
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       Did you know?

CBD can absorb through the skin and not just through the digestive system or the lungs. We all have endocannabinoid receptors located under the first layer of our skin. For that reason, applying a topical CBD product to the skin can lead to relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety too.

Endoca CBD Hemp Salve 750mg Broad Spectrum


  • CBD potency: 750mg Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Scent: Lemon and vanilla
  • Price: $64
  • Price per milligram of CBD: $0.08/mg

As we’ve mentioned before, Endoca is a CBD oil brand that’s particularly good at making topical products. If you’re looking for a high-potency CBD balm that comes in a portable small jar, this one is for you. Made with hempseed oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, vanilla extract and lemon peel oil only, it’s a very simple and natural product. It also contains hemp extract that is fully organic, third-party tested, and broad spectrum.

With 750mg of CBD in a small 1oz jar, it’s a very high-potency product you don’t need to use a lot of. Because its consistency is fairly dense, we mainly recommend it to people who don’t need to cover large areas of skin with it. For example, it’s an ideal product to massage into your temples if you suffer from migraines, or into your knees if you have painful, inflamed knees.

  • High potency
  • Natural ingredients
  • Sustainable brand
  • Good price per milligram of CBD
  • The texture could make it hard to spread
  • Endoca rarely offer discounts on this product
Use Code for 10% Off: SALETCM​
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