How to Talk to Your Children About CBD and Medical Cannabis

Is CBD safe for Children?

Talking about CBD to those around you can be difficult. Some people won’t understand what it is, while others have some serious misconceptions about the molecule. And sometimes, talking about it with children can be harder. Because of the relationship between CBD and cannabis, some of us think it’s something we should hide from our children. But with patience and honesty, introducing your children to this cannabinoid compound is actually a lot easier than you’d think. Here are four tips that can help you approach the topic.

1. Don’t make a big deal out of it

When people feel they have to hide their CBD or medical cannabis consumption, it only reinforces the stigma that surrounds it. When talking to your children about CBD or medical cannabis, don’t make a big deal out of it. Don’t sit them down to a two-hour lecture about the differences between different cannabis molecules. Instead, mention your use of CBD casually, and don’t feel the need to justify yourself when they see you taking it. If your children can see that CBD is something normal for you, they’re more likely to start seeing it in the same way. 

2. Don’t try to hide it

As a parent who consumes CBD or medical cannabis, the worst thing you can do is to hide it. For one, hiding anything from your children is very difficult! they’re likely to find out about it sooner or later. What’s more, your children will start to associate a stigma with CBD if they can see that it’s something you try to hide, and this could reinforce negative stereotypes about cannabis and the people who consume it.

Of course, there are still some precautions that you need to take. By all means, take your CBD drops or your CBD capsules at breakfast around your children. But don’t leave the product laying around; like any other kind of supplement, you should keep CBD out of reach of children.

If you’re smoking or vaping CBD, you’ll also want to do it when your children aren’t around. The fumes that these methods of consumption produce could be dangerous to their young, fragile lungs. If you have children in the house, try to smoke or vape outside.

How to talk to children about CBD and Medical Cannabis

3. Explain how CBD works in simple terms

You’d be amazed at how much children can understand when it’s explained to them in a way that makes sense. When you’re telling your children why you’re taking CBD, you don’t have to give them a crash course on the endocannabinoid system. But you can find simpler ways to explain to them how it works and why you take it.

For example, it’s a good idea to compare CBD to other plant molecules. So you could say, “You know how the chamomile plant can help you fall asleep? CBD works kind of like that, but it helps with other problems as well.” 

As they grow up, they will be able to understand more and more. At that stage, you can start to explain to them the difference between different molecules, like CBD, THC, CBG and CBDA.

To do that, you’ll also have to educate yourself. It’s always useful to have some basic CBD knowledge when talking about CBD to those around you; it will help you be more confident, engage in meaningful debate, and fight stigma when you encounter it. See learning about CBD as an investment: it’s something you can transmit to your kids, and also something that can be helpful to all those you interact with on a regular basis. 


4. Try to get rid of the stigma 

Many parents who consume CBD or medical cannabis are faced with a difficult task: they must try to re-educate children who already have misconceptions about these substances. At school and with their friends, your children will probably hear some harmful stereotypes about cannabis, that it’s a dangerous drug, that people who take it are criminals, and that it’s used only for fun, and not for other purposes.

As a parent, you’ll have to explain to your children why CBD is different from some other forms of cannabis, and why these stereotypes are not true. This requires you to spend some time with your children and find out what their ideas about CBD are.

It’s a good idea to emphasize that CBD has been legalized in many parts of the world. CBD products that contain trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) are now legal on a federal level in the United States. However, they are not FDA-approved, and may still be illegal in certain states. Check your local laws before making a purchase.

If you take full  spectrum medical cannabis rather than CBD, you have a fine line to walk. On one hand, it’s good to explain to your children that cannabis is not the harmful drug it’s sometimes depicted as in schools. On the other hand, you also have to make it clear that THC is a harmful substance for children.

By taking the time to inform yourself and to have open, honest discussions with your children, you can make a big difference to the way they perceive CBD and medical cannabis. This educational work will benefit not just them, but also all those around them. 


Talking to your children about CBD can seem hard, especially if you or they carry stigma around cannabis consumption. However, being open and honest about why you consume CBD is the best course of action: it helps to destigmatize the molecule, it educates your children, and it prevents a lot of stress at home. Take some time to find ways to talk about it they can understand, and remember that honesty is always the best policy.

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How to Talk to Your Children About CBD and Medical Cannabis

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