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Our story begins in the year 2000. At that time, I started suffering from severe pain in my stomach, was hospitalized, and found out that I was suffering from ulcerative colitis. Over the years, my diagnosis changed to Crohn’s disease. Still, conventional medicine was unable to provide a solution to my abdominal pain.

I went through endless invasive examinations, tried loads of medications, and even surgery. Nothing seemed to work. I still suffered from stomach pain and other symptoms of Crohn’s, including joint pain, weakness, and insomnia. To make matters even worse, some of the drugs led me to develop psoriasis.

In 2014, I decided I had had enough! I wasn’t going to let doctors experiment with my body anymore. I started to investigate natural therapies and adopted a cleaner, vegan diet. The pain didn’t stop, but I already felt a lot better.

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After learning about traditional medicine, I wanted to try cannabis. But my doctors wanted nothing to do with it. To them, it wasn’t “proper medicine.” My own research led me to CBD, and I set out to buy it for the first time. Here, I encountered another obstacle. There were countless companies selling CBD, hundreds of different products, and more blogs than I had time to read. But there wasn’t one source to tell me what would work for me, or how to find a good quality product.

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After trying out dozens of products and learning about CBD for three years, I started to feel pretty knowledgeable. I found products and doses that worked for me, and taking CBD daily made a huge impact. No more pain, no more hospitalizations! For the first time in years, my body felt balanced and healthy. 

Over the years, I struggled with misinformation, confusing online resources, constantly changing legal regulations, and the enduring prejudice that cannabis is just for “stoners.” I saw that something had to be done. I wanted to spread the word about CBD and offer people the information they needed so they could experience the same benefits I had. 

At the time, I was a product manager at Wix.com and an entrepreneur. I joined forces with veteran internet entrepreneur Asi Epstein and founded The CBD Magazine. 

Today, I head a small team of writers and researchers who take the time to understand the science behind CBD and find recommendations for products based on objective quality criteria. My site is a complete resource for learning about CBD and getting product reviews of the highest standards. My goal is for you to gain a deep understanding of what CBD is and to give you the tools you need to choose the best products.